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    The permit for sandstone aggregate extraction at the site was secured in 2005, the installation of the crushing plant began in 2012 with the equipment becoming fully operational in 2014. The development included a significant investment in the construction of a new quay and shiploader to service vesssel loading for the local and export markets.

    The business operates as DC Seljestokken Aggregates AS, the owners Belgian Group de Cloedt.


    The site has consent to extract over 100 million tonnes with a potential for extension beyond this.

    The annual production capacity is 1,5 million tonnes in the current configuration. This volume is growing as the quarry and product gains increasing acceptance in the target markets.

    As the Norwegian coastal quarrying industry has developed and matured, an established position has been secured by DC Seljestokken Aggregates As across the coastal regions of Northern Europe and Russia. The owners have significantly invested for the future and as environmental concerns have increased, the scope to open and develop new quarries has become increasingly limited in Norway.

    Seljestokken enjoys unrestricted access to Frosjøen Fjord, and then open access into the North Sea. The exclusive quay has unrestricted permission to operate 24/7. 

    DC Seljestokken Aggregates As is ISO-sertified for quality and environment, and we also have EPD for our products.

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